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MICROSOFT Microsoft All Access Holiday Party   PHOTOS

Olivia Munn attends Microsoft All Access Holiday Party on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012, in Venice, California.  She looked beautiful! To the gallery added have been photos HQ. Nice watching! If you have pictures of Olivia Munn, are not in the gallery send by email: olivia@oliviamunndaily.com

thumb OLIII Microsoft All Access Holiday Party   PHOTOS thumb OLI5 Microsoft All Access Holiday Party   PHOTOS thumb OLII2 Microsoft All Access Holiday Party   PHOTOS

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giorgio Giorgio Armani Beauty Luncheon in Beverly Hills

Yesterday (6th December) Olivia Munn was in Beverly Hills at the Giorgio Armani Beauty Luncheon. She dressed a tiny candy-coloured dress, wherein looked amazing! Photos have been to added to the gallery.

thumb Munn1 Giorgio Armani Beauty Luncheon in Beverly Hills  thumb Munn2 Giorgio Armani Beauty Luncheon in Beverly Hills  thumb Munn3 Giorgio Armani Beauty Luncheon in Beverly Hills

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hot100 Maxim Hot 100   Second Place!

We are pleased to announce that Olivia Munn has received 2nd place in the “Maxim Hot 2012” – “The Definitive List of the World’s most beautiful women”! Big congratulations!

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girlb Olivia talks about New Girl

What kind of person is Angie?
Olivia Munn: 
Angie is a new love interest for Nick. She is someone who really gets Nick to get outside of his comfort zone and really throws inhibitions to the side and just do things that he never thought that he would do. She gets along with the whole group. She’s the kind of girl that has no problem finding fun in any place with anything, no matter if there are rules or regulations. It’s just about having fun and living life.

How does Angie initially meet Nick?
She becomes a regular at the bar. Nick watches Angie and her boyfriend fighting and the boyfriend storms out, leaving Angie crying at the table. With Jess’s advice to come talk to Angie, and he had been watching her for quite some time, he made a decision it was finally his moment to get in there and take full advantage of the moment of her being by herself. What I love about how they approach it is that he comes to Angie and he basically says, “You deserve better.” He says it so honestly that I think she’s really taken back by how honest this guy is being with her and how refreshing it is. I think that’s what wakes her up and ignites that first spark.

Nick hasn’t been able to hang onto a girlfriend, so what attracts her to him?
There’s no games. He’s not trying to be somebody he’s not. He’s just Nick and I think she really likes that he is just so completely himself. Even though he can be uncomfortable and awkward at times, I think she really likes that he embraces that.

How is Angie different from Newsroom‘s Sloan?
Angie is the kind of girl who is looking for fun in any scenario. No matter what, she’s looking to do something that’s a little dangerous and exciting, and push the limits of what you’re allowed to do. Sloan is interested in working and doing the best job that she can do and isn’t really looking for extracurricular activities that might put her in jail. [Laughs]


Was it fun getting back into comedy and reuniting with your Perfect Couples co-starDavid Walton?
It’s so fun to do a comedy. In both The Newsroom and New Girl, what we’re trying to do is entertain the audience, but on a comedy, you’re really trying to get as many laughs as you can. So that was really fun to get back and try to do things to make people laugh. I have a really bad habit of when I start laughing, I can’t stop. So, on New Girl, Jake were making me laugh so much. I’m in tears most of the time with Jake. He’s the funniest man. There’s this one time we’re doing a scene at this table and everyone is so funny and I start laughing so hard that at one point, David Walton, who’s now laughing with me, keeps going, “Olivia, you have to stop! This is just like Perfect Couples! She won’t stop laughing!” And I just can’t stop.

On The Newsroom, I did end up having a laughing fit the other day. My bad habit of laughing that I picked back up on New Girl — because I was shooting them at the same time, spilled back over toThe Newsroom. I was doing a scene with Sam Waterston and I just start cracking up. The day before I was telling Sam about how I have this horrible habit of not being able to stop laughing. He goes, “I have to see that!” We have so much dialogue [so] you don’t want me to start messing up. Of course, the very next day, something happens that kicks it in for me. I just start laughing to the point where I heard a producer go, “Is she going to be OK?”

Even though you have Newsroom to film, is there a possibility that Angie might stick around for a bit on New Girl?

Munn: I haven’t shot my last episode with them yet, so I’m not quite sure where my character leaves off. But I love working with everyone over there. And the people on The Newsroom were so great and worked it out to share me and let me go off and do that, so I’d love it if I was able to do that. I love working more than one job at once. It keeps me out of trouble. I would love to keep doing it.

But also, I’m a big fan of the show. So, if I’m on the show, that means that Jess and Nick are still not together and as a fan of the show, I really want them together. It was weird because I’m there as the love interest for Nick; however, I’d be watching in the middle of a scene going, “Oh, they’re just so great together!” I feel like I’m a mole for the fans. I’ve been cast, but really, I’m here to help push them together. I’m watching, going, “No, let’s just put them together. This is where it should end. I’ll leave and they’ll stay together.” I just think they’re so sweet together and I just love that couple together. As a fan, I think it’s best for me to step out of the way and go back and watching as an audience member, so I can finally watch them get together! [Laughs]

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Olivia was a guest on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”! Have been added to the gallery pictures! She looked beautiful! Enjoy watching!

thumb olivia munn leno 120312   11  Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Again!thumb olivia munn leno 120312   9  Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Again!thumb olivia munn leno 120312   7  Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Again!thumb olivia munn leno 120312   6  Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Again! 

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On Thursday in “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” guest of the program was Olivia Munn. Footage accessible on Youtube. Nice Watching!


thumb 8 Tonight Show with Jay Leno thumb 2 Tonight Show with Jay Leno thumb 11 Tonight Show with Jay Leno thumb 1 Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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donewsa The 2012 ESPY Awards

Olivia Munn appeared on July 11 on “The 2012 ESPY Awards”. She had a beautiful dress. I added pictures to the gallery from this event. Pictures in HQ quality.

thumb Olivia2BMunn2B20122BESPY2BAwards2BArrivals2Bgo836ZmIyqBx The 2012 ESPY Awards thumb Olivia2BMunn2B20122BESPY2BAwards2BRed2BCarpet2BaRkCcC8hZptx The 2012 ESPY Awards thumb Olivia2BMunn2B20122BESPY2BAwards2BBackstage2BAudience2B qaXU RMuHFx The 2012 ESPY Awards thumb Olivia2BMunn2B20122BESPY2BAwards2BBackstage2BAudience2BvB06Y6CWbvyx The 2012 ESPY Awards